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About Us

Premier Recycling Solutions Limited provides a total waste management solution for your business.

Established in 2011 by Richard Field after working for various waste management companies and understanding about worldwide recycling markets.

PRS recycles spent lead acid batteries which can be weighed at your premises with calibrated digital scales.

Consignment notes are issued to prove that your business has complied with all Environment Agency requirements in dealing with your hazardous waste.

PRS recycles end of life catalytic converters which are graded individually.

PRS also recycles several other different alloys upon customer requirements.

PRS can collect nationwide in 3.5 to 44 ton vehicles.

PRS can pay highly competitive prices for your products.

Visit for current market values.

Payments for your recyclables can be made immediately via electronic bank transfer or by cheque.

To comply with the scrap metal dealers act all customers will require photo identification and bank account details. No cash transactions.

One call to arrange all 07837 209911.